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P & B Textiles Neutrals

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Neutral fabrics from P & B Textiles. The Apple Cider collection features tan and ecru designs of floral outlines, scattered sprigs, puzzle lines, circle dots, pin dots and vines. The Ramblings collection of fabrics are shown in black on white for design clarity and are ONLY AVAILABLE IN WHITE-ON-WHITE (W) OR WHITE-ON-ECRU (01).
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Apple Cider AC15-190W

$6.39 $7.99

Apple Cider APPL-172NE

$6.39 $7.99

Ramblings RA11-775 W Geometric Dots

$7.19 $8.99

Ramblings RA11-779 01 Scribble

$6.71 $8.39

Ramblings RAM6-716 01

$6.39 $7.99