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Mettler Thread

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Mettler silk finish cotton 50 thread is the perfect sewing and quilting thread for your finest cotton creations. The high-quality thread boasts a luxuriously soft effect and has a supple feel. Mettler silk finish cotton 50 is available in a wide choice of colors and different spool sizes. Through the mercerization process, Mettler silk finish cotton 50 reaches a high breaking point, high heat resistance, and has reduced shrinkage. The multi-color thread impresses with its natural shine and gives all your creation special effects.

Mettler silk finish cotton 60 thread is the perfect piecing, quilting and fine embroidery thread which can be sewn on batiste, tulle, cotton, linen, terry cloth and much more. This high-quality thread turns embroidery designs and decorative stitches into individual masterpieces. Mettler silk finish cotton 60 thread is made of 100% long staple, Egyptian cotton which creates a soft, smooth and silk-like feel. Through the special dyeing technique, Mettler silk finish cotton 60 stays extremely colorfast for years.


Mettler Thread Silk Finish Cotton 50 weight 500 meters

Mettler Thread Silk Finish Cotton 60 weight 200 meters