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Design Studio

The ABC's of Quilting Custom Quilting & Design Studio offers a variety of long arm quilting services ranging from edge-to-edge designs, custom patterns and even basting a quilt in preparation for hand quilting. Our goal is to complete your quilt tops quickly - we can get most edge-to-edge designs done within two weeks; custom quilting may take a few more days.

Please call us at 1-888-326-9661 with your questions about our quilting services. Our staff of Long-Arm Quilting Artists are here to help you create a special quilt.

Don't live near us? Want to know why this is important to you? Well, we get a lot of projects shipped to us and we get them quilted and quickly back to you - FREE return shipping with any design studio quilting of $99+. Our staff is great at contacting you to make certain that they are finishing the quilt exactly as you want it done.

Call us at 1-888-326-9661 to discuss your project.

A complete list of long arm quilting services available and pricing is:

Edge-to-Edge .....................               $0.02 / sq. in.
  Many patterns with awesome

Border Design & Edge-to-Edge             $0.03 /

in Center

Custom Quilting ....................              $0.05 / sq. in. 
  Let our quilters help you with

  design details customized for

  your quilt.

Hand Binding .......................              $0.25 / inch
  Machine stitching on the front
  and hand stitching on the back.

Batting ................................              $ 9.99 / yd.
  ABC's uses Hobbs 80/20 batting.
  Other types of batting are available

  upon request.

Thread first color ......................             $ 0.00

     Each additional thread color .......          $ 2.00           


Miscellaneous Stitching .........             $25 / hour 

Our minimum order fee is $25.00.


We will create a spectacular one-of-a kind quilt for you!

When our quilting services are priced per square inch. You can calculate the total number of square inches by measuring your quilt top in inches. Multiply the width measurement by the length measurement in inches. This will give you the number of square inches in your quilt. 


Width x Length = Y sq. inches


84 inches x 96 inches = 8,064 sq. inches

Quilting cost + batting = Total cost

To schedule custom quilting please visit us at our store or call us. We offer FREE return shipping if you send us your quilt top. Insurance is an additional charge.

Long Arm Quilting Services from ABC's of Quiltinq. We will help you create the quilt you desire!

Quilt Top Preparation
To prepare your quilt for the long-arm quilter please following the following steps. The quilt top, batting and backing should all be separate. Do not pin or baste the layers ahead of time. Press all seams and mark the top edge of the quilt top and backing with a safety pin, if it matters which end will be the top
of your quilt.

Remove all loose threads. If there are remaining threads that show through
the top, they will show through the lighter fabrics. Buttons, bows and beads
must wait until after the quilting is complete. If they are already on, ask
us, maybe we can work around them.

Do not cut rounded corners or scallops until the quilt is quilted. Mark the
cutting line clearly, so we know where to quilt, but do not cut it until
you are ready to apply the binding. If you have a round or scalloped tree
skirt or table topper, they can be pin basted on to the backing.

Make sure the backing is larger than the quilt top by 4 to 6 inches in
every direction. When the backing is put on the machine, space is taken
up by zippers on the top and bottom and clamps on the sides.

If you supply your own batting, the batting must be 3 inches larger than the quilt top on all sides. If we are making the binding for you, please send a yard
of fabric (any excess will be returned).