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Flannel Fabrics

A collection of our flannel fabrics.
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Bark Flannel CLTY2009-59 Cream


Woolies Flannel 18502-E Light Tan


Cozy Cotton Flannel AMFF-15387-268 Nature


Cozy Cotton Flannel FIN-9256-9 Navy


Cozy Cotton Flannel SRKF-14733-262 Bubble Gum


Cozy Cotton Flannel SRKF-14733-5 Yellow


Fluffy Solid Flannel - Yellow


R38-0851-0219 Bold Flannel


Roly Poly flannel Y0805-4 Red


Shadow Play Flannel MASF513-A


Shadow Play Flannel MASF513-JJX


Shadow Play Flannel MASF513-W4


Super Softly Solids R42-0060 Navy Flannel


Super Softly Solids R42-0082 Orange Bold Flannel


Woolies Flannel 18507-T Tan